Mark Bratton’s Guide to Herschel Objects

Congratulations, Mark Bratton, on publishing his Complete Guide to Herschel Objects! Also known to RASC Montreal members as “Mr Deep Sky”, Mark was a long-standing RASC Montreal Centre member and served as the Centre’s president and editor of Skyward in the 1990s. A few years ago Mark moved to Saskatchewan, the “Land of Living Skies”, where he started exploring the night sky in earnest. The result of his night-time activities is an accurate and up-to-date guide to Herschel’s entire catalogue of non-stellar discoveries, illustrated with hundreds of photos of the most intriguing Herschel objects and dozens of sketches of what is visible at the eyepiece.

You can pre-order the book at Cambridge University Press, where the hardback version is available for  £45.00 as of June 2011.

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