Jaymie Matthews Asks: Where will Avatar 2 be set?

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) Montreal Centre is proud to present the next lecture in it’s Free Public Event Series.


Where will Avatar 2 be set? The real science of real exoplanets

Presenter: Dr. Jaymie Matthews


We live in an exciting age of discovery of planets around other stars. How do astronomers detect alien worlds? What they’ve found so far makes Pandora seem positively mundane, and even James Cameron has been inspired by new exoplanetary research for the setting of his next film. When will we find a real alien Earth that’s not on a movie screen? (Spoiler alert: Soon.) On 18 November, come see and hear the Coming Attractions for the future of astrobiology.


Jaymie Matthews is an astro-paparazzo who unveils the hidden lifestyles of stars by eavesdropping on “the music of the spheres.” His version of an interstellar iPod is Canadaʼs first space telescope, MOST (Microvariability & Oscillations of STars), which detects vibrations in the light of ringing stars too subtle to be seen even by the largest telescopes on Earth.

Dr. Matthews is a leading expert in the field of stellar seismology: literally using the surface vibrations of vibrating stars to probe their hidden interiors and histories.

WHEN: Thursday, November 18 at 8 PM

WHERE: Vanier College, room B-223

821 Ste-Croix Ave in Ville St. Laurent

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